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Devta Life Foundation to collect 1 lakh units of blood

Posted on : 05-Jul-2021

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Blood donation is the best donation. This has been proved once again during the recent waves of coronavirus wherein large number of patients needed blood to save their lives. Realising this Devta Life Foundation, a non governmental organisation (NGO), has launched a campaign to create awareness on blood donation. As a part of the campaign, a specially designed chariot (rath) will visit various parts of Maharashtra and conduct blood donation camps. Kishor Bawne, a social activist and President of the foundation, said that the campaign will start on October 2. The mega event will conclude on October 15. During the campaign, the foundation will encourage people to donate blood. It has also set up a target of collecting 1 lakh units of blood during the campaign.

The foundation was established to promote welfare activities aimed at the alleviation of human suffering and overall amelioration of society especially for the poor. In addition to this, the foundation will also create awareness on various issues related to blood donation. There is a misconception among many people that blood donation should be avoided after getting infected with coronvirus. However, there foundation said that the affected persons can donate blood after 28 days of the infections. These issues were discussed during the recent meeting of the foundation attended by Nilima Bawane, Kasturi Bawane, Sarika Pendse, Sudhir Baheti, Ram Bode, Vibhuti Kashyap, Sameer Saraf, Ashok Ambarte, Shushant Dahiwalkar, Dr Girhe, Sanjay Pendse, Asmita Bawne, Pratap Hirani, Vivek Jugade, Arun Purohit, and others.

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