Devta Life Foundation has launched several initiatives specifically designed for children with cancer, including access to medical treatment, counseling, and support services, as well as education programs that offer guidance on how to manage life after diagnosis. Additionally, the NGO provides financial assistance for medical needs such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Through these efforts, the organization hopes to reduce the burden of cancer-related stress among patients and their families while empowering them to live full lives despite their struggles.

Our Vision
that Drives the NGO

Our vision at Devta Life Foundation is to create a world where no child with cancer in India goes without the necessary care, support, and resources they need to overcome this disease, and where cancer is no longer a barrier to their happiness and future.

Help is our Goal

At Devta Life Foundation, our mission is to provide comprehensive support to children battling cancer in India. We aim to make a positive impact on their lives by offering medical, emotional, and nutritional assistance throughout their journey. Our focus is on providing care and comfort to both the child and their families by creating a supportive community where they can feel safe and not alone. We are committed to promoting awareness, education, screening, diagnosis, treatment, and palliative care to those who are in need, and to help improve the chances of survival for children with cancer and to alleviate the burden of cancer on their families.

Our Values

Compassion & Empathy
Commitment & Dedication
Collaboration & Partnership
Innovation & Excellence
Accountability & Transparency

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