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Dedicating renewed life to mankind through ‘Devta’

Posted on : 06 Aug 2021
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 Kishor Bawane

By Vikas Vaidya :

Blood donation camps across State are to be organised of which 25% components to be given to poor and needy

In the year 2018 he was in trouble. He was suffering from blood cancer. Portion of his skin and some parts of internal organs were burned due to chemotherapy. He was not only devastated physically but mentally too. His near and dear ones found themselves helpless. He was treated at a renowned hospital in Texas, USA. After a rigorous medical treatment, he came out of the horrible period of his life and started leading a normal life. But Kishor Bawane, yes, the Blood Cancer survivor did not forget the sufferings. He felt it was the wish of ‘Devta’ (God) who has given him a new lease of life to do something substantial. Bawane had made up his mind that he would dedicate his renewed life to the mankind through ‘Devta’, the organisation that does philanthropic work. Bawane is an economist, banker, social worker but he has become a philanthropist too.

“I got cured probably because I have enough resources but I thought what about those who don’t have anybody to help. Right now I have partly adopted 12 children suffering from cancer and being treated at Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH). When we see their financial condition, tears roll down the cheeks,” expressed Bawane while talking to ‘The Hitavada’ at the office of Devta Life Foundation at Dharampeth. Through Devta Life Foundation of whose he is the President, Bawane has planned blood donation camps at large scale. The blood donation activity would start from October 1, the Blood Donation Day, at Nagpur and would conclude on October 15 at Nagpur itself. It will be held at 26 cities during which a visit to Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari also is in the schedule. Devta Foundation is expecting one lakh units of blood to be collected through this blood donation activity. Bawane himself has visited the camp venue and reviewed the preparations.

Though blood banks would get blood units, they would be having certain bindings. “We have made it clear to the blood banks that they have to provide 25% of the blood components from the total collection for poor and needy. People in need of blood or its components would approach us and we would send them to the blood banks. The blood banks should arrange the blood or its components within 30 minutes. We have put this condition and signed an agreement also to this effect,” informed Bawane. To begin with, the first blood donation camp would be held on August 14 and 15 at Nagpur at 24 centres.

A cycle rally covering 14.5 kms also would be held on the Independence Day. This is not the first activity by Bawane. Earlier, he had distributed umbrellas to maid-servants, uniform and other school material to students, cycles to needy. He has also conducted a fashion show of the cancer survivors. “During every activity, I notice the receiver acknowledges with a smile. It gives me the feeling that the person is not a receiver but a giver. He or she gives me immense satisfaction, inspiration to do something more and happiness,” said Kishor Bawane.

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