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Bike Rally for Clothes Collection & Distribution

Events Details:
Date & Time: 21/01/2016
Location: Nagpur
No of Days: 1

On 26th January 2016, on the occasion of Republic Day, Devta Life Foundation conducted a Bike rally. In this rally, warm clothes from the citizens were collected and distributed among the needy people. In harsh winters, often the needy and homeless end up without covers or blankets, which also affects their health. To tackle this, Devta life foundation appealed to the citizens of Nagpur to come forward and donate sweaters, coats, jackets and blankets. To carry out this activity, we conducted a bike rally and starting collecting these items early in the morning from different areas of Nagpur and then distributed them amongst the needy. We saw a tremendous positive response for this event. Thank you to the volunteers and the donors!

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