Our Vision
that Drives the NGO

Our vision at Devta Life Foundation is to create a world where no child with cancer in India goes without the necessary care, support, and resources they need to overcome this disease, and where cancer is no longer a barrier to their happiness and future.

Our Background

Since our founding in late 2015 by Mr. Kishor Bawane, we have been determined to make an impact and reach out to the vulnerable and provide the best of our abilities to meet their needs. Our NGO across various domains from providing financial aid to children fighting cancer, to donating necessities, to women empowerment and more! We often run different donation campaigns, especially now in the pandemic. In our hearts, we know that sometimes all it takes to change the world is a little support. Entering our 8th year in 2023, we would like to build an online community of dedicated individuals and volunteers so we can extend more helping hands, TOGETHER!

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Our Values

Compassion & Empathy
Commitment & Dedication
Collaboration & Partnership
Innovation & Excellence
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